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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PST

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accessory for the stores they sell tobacco products and chips and soda we have better selection and not sell tobacco products but only for the adults we have a public vein and permitting provide e cigarettes with e liquid and we are open and retained to raise the age limit to 21 in the committee wants it there are 21 other stores and 10 lounges in the city some have 2 in the same strict none serving ocean avenue district 7 some complain they/so drive to different neighborhoods to get their e cigarettes we want to
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set the bar for those stores and many stores that will come before you we a part of the solution and not the problem please approve that project thank you very much. >> commissioners, i want to add a little bit it that in terms of incapability we have to ask ourselves what's there now and a lot of people are is wish lists the kind of debate a little bit instead of this vs. that should be some of the traditionally businesses are welcome some of the alternative lifestyle choices are welcome it should be and instead of this versus that or this list versed that list when you ask someone that is not neighborhood severing but for who the demographics are
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changing we need to be inclusive a lot of young people coming in into the area the democrat geographies we need to have a cluster of businesses not a cluster of vacancies. >> let's cip we have a number of comment cards as i call your name, please line up on the screen side of the room (calling names) we're just calling in the order of the cards if i've called your name come to the podium. >> excuse me. before you start my time jonah can i speak to you. >> good afternoon, supervisors annette with the west park
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association first, i want to say the sponsor said this was a designation place so our driving that's what he said you have a detailed letter if me and many letters of oppositions 80 it is located in the balboa park plan they still don't address the balboa station plan this plan was formulated through a lengthy process bringing together stakeholders and planning group like the bicycle coalitions and this mayor's office it goes to further housing and mass transit through a transit crucial to the plan was the creation of a commercial corridor existing of folks that service or serve the
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residents the housing is being built but the commercial corridor is in unless this project is pledged there are 7 places to buy those products there are two vapor lounges within $2.5 million the two maybe 3 mcds the pool hall and the 7-eleven massage establishments are valid businesses and but we feel the corridor is in jeopardy because we're not attracting the neighborhood services we need the stationary and toy stores and high special grocery stores the corridor and it's resident don't need a vapor lounge but all those other stores as a resident and former planning commission i've
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received and received hundred of conditional use authorization i believe this didn't meet the criteria i urge you to direct staff to prepare vrntsd among other things this project didn't say not desirable or canal at the least i ask i continue this matter and ask the staff to address the plan specifically about the balboa and i gave you a letter department of workforce development and received a comprehensive report that supports what i'm saying i'd rather obey that the audits you can take an important step to that by send a message the ocean avenue corridor must be consistent with the balboa plan part of the general plan thank
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you very much. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> hello commission thank you for your time i'll doug wong a lifelong resident i'd like to read a letter letter of determination request the request seeks answers to the following are steam hook loud for inside and outdoor uses our soft drinks allowed open the premises and will the use be countered a cigar bar note while the planning department will consider the use as part of the overlay tobacco paraphernalia eye the department of public health is responsible for
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regulating those establishments in regards to loufrg the areas for vapor it's the recent legislation enacted by dpw that making e cigarette is now regulated in a similar manner of tobacco smoking please review the 18 m and f section and know that dpw is responsible for regulating the activity in regards to packaging the foods and snakes being sold on those establishments please note that dpw is responsible for regulating some activities in regards to whether the use will be considered a cigar bar this is considered as part of the tobacco paraphernalia tobacco use. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> next speaker good afternoon. my name is is les plaque i live in enside terrace since 1985 i've practiced dentistry in this town for 45 years almost i want to urge you to ignore the idea that blake he is experience with the kind of device is can be generalized we've all read the medical literature it is important to beware of the series of one he might be the lucky one it is already been acknowledged what's in the area we don't need tobacco we have plenty of place to get tobacco the city has
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taken away the ability of the drug stores cvs the pollution of the area by noise and smoke and so we would like i'm happy that blake took the backyards do thing out of his plan but want to make sure in the unlikely event you approve that to make sure there's no unflirltd exit from the building into the lounge that somehow he be required to underwent the area so it doesn't dpush the
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neighbors there are 3 homes that back up immediately to the backyard of this proposed business so the bashldz are adjoining. >> i have a lot of strong feels by that's what i want to say thank you very much. >> as the next speaker comes up i'll call for names. >> good afternoon. i'm robert a long time resident of the ebb side terrace i'm opted of this in march march of 2014 the board of supervisors accepted the conclusions of the san francisco department of public health regarding the health problems of those cigarettes and they amazing voted to regulate those cigarettes as tobacco products some of the listing in that city
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ordinance that is in the packet are the following nicotine and second degree is highly addict they're known carr begins and their targeted towards young people there are anecdotal reports but e cigarettes are not part of a proved method to stop smoking and the board of supervisors didn't accept those arguments and didn't sway their 11 to nothing decision you think the san francisco planning commission should
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accept the department of health this 11 to nothing vote by the san francisco board of supervisors ruled in vapor shops becoming conditional use this is not necessary there are 21 vapor stores we have the opportunity because the conditional use and i don't see how to lose the opportunity it's not desirable and will have a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhood if the store is successful resulting in more people using nicotine and exposing themselves to hamper full the neighborhood in the packaging panlt the next person up will be presenting
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petitions from more than a hundred neighbors and it's easy to get more so. please right the san francisco brown and on that those priorities are unhealthy and please not approve this >> i'll call nor names. (calling names) >> my name is carolyn a long time residents of the ene enside terrace i oppose both this is a store that sells cigarette butts
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and for a esteemed lounge that is impossible to discuss the height hazard in 3 minutes i submitted a letter of the steam stone hookups despite the fact that the steam stone hookups don't contain nicotine let's see known about the potential long term health effects according to the california youth advocacy network the charcoal exposes the person to carcinogens it represents a potential hazardous vapors they claim this is a
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heath i didn't alternative to the e cigarettes the mayors fact sheets notes the e cigarette are not a stop smoking device happy vapor is not a stop smoking clinic they store to sell the e cigarettes e cigarettes are only 5 years old but cancer may take 10 years to develop the liquid and the resells have sickened children reading through the pact i noted a person that if say they needed to use this e cigarettes the neighbors don't find it desirable for the neighborhood accident letters signed were making some of the same point mark farrell filling
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is store vacant is not a reason to experiment with this new addiction this is not desirable for our neighborhood we're not requesting a band of the sects but the sales not be capacity to our neighborhoods one of the people that lives directly behind that on the state street was unable to be here because of the work she submitted a letter on page 50, 65 through 75 i submit her letter in addition two members from the balboa terrace wanted to speak and couldn't. >> thank you very much. next speaker.
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and good afternoon commissioner president wu and confirmations are commissioners i'm tim and i'm the property owner and propose business for thirty years next to this premise i am here to support this young family fellow i never checked and did not ask for the market rate at this point when we came with his little family his wife and the boy to ask me for the place i decided right now u right away to let this man ambitious young man to get the place and succeed same way as i did 40 years ago
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when i came to this beautiful country and beautiful city and, of course, there's no secret to noun none of us that particular block of ocean avenue is not the best with a lot of vacancies, of course, and i think we need to support this man and please do not kill this project i want to please let you know that this young fellow is ambitious definitely and he showed me he's going to be able to go throughout and wish him the best thank you very much.
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>> thank you. next speaker. >> i need to get a card. >> that's if that. >> good afternoon. i'm ann chin a resident of west side park i only will a few blocks in the ocean project like to read something from the letter of ocean avenue it says for o aa position to support of the conditional use application should not be construed of the approval of the organization the finding do not conform with the balboa park area station plan for the whole thank you. >> thank you the next speaker what come down
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please line up on our right side of the room i'll call more names (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm rallying land i've gotten to city college and my mom used to own a shop near ocean i've seen it change in san franciscan hobbies and the rite aid the whole area has gone down hill we've not brought in new businesses. >> i honestly think this store will be a really great opening for this new type of retail businesses and bring foot traffic and new interests into the area to bring it up to a
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more lively place sorry consensual lifestyle choices i used to be a smoker when they start to become a problem it can start evading persons choices there's a point we should draw a line and be able to have our freedom of choice you can't tell me i can't mayor from a man to a man or a woman to a woman so you can't tell me to not smoke e cigarettes it will make it hard for other smokers to feel they'll want to use 24 product and get informed credulous on this product you guys have heard opinions about things honestly
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there is so much ininclusive studies we believe this product itself can bring in a better life for people better chance in closing, i honestly building that happy vapor will be a wonderful vendor there are 8 vacancies will that on this block they're coming in to fill bone videocassette there is plenty of spates for others to come in this is the right project so, please 0 support it. >> thank you as the next speaker comes up i'll call more names (calling names) and you my name is eric lamp he was the one to convert me to go
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to e cigarettes i was a heavy smoker i was able to run $6 million now i've dropped 60 pounds i doubt that's the only thing that helped me but one thing that helped me a lot you at the same time now that i'm you know walking down ocean i still see people smoking cigarettes and the smell of a cigarette is really it smells bad but when you people smoke vapor it didn't smell like anything at all is that helps the community better and at the same time it actually what do i call it reduces the what-do-you-call-it reduce people from smoking like
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nicotine because people can switch to vapor yeah. that's about it i wanted to say all right. thank you >> thank you . next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners optimum quan as a smoker of 10 years that grew up in and arena the area of ocean avenue i went to college and live near granado avenue first, i want to say i had my public safety around this area i was physically attacked this avenue is a bad street after 8:00 p.m. and pretty much i don't feel safe they're not opening the doors for businesses so the people can enjoy the safety and walk around now i am a part of a beauty
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salon i know what my business what over to the neighborhood i believe that mr. he will do the same thing to ocean avenue i want my children to grow up and have not the fear i had before i mean waking around ocean avenue and being front yard of being attacked it will help the economy of the area and the whole area consists of smokers it's not a deterrent to us. >> thank you. next speaker. good afternoon. i'm jamie chang i used to be a heavy smoker also i used to smoke a pack a day after being introduced to this
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product i gradually cut back my smoking especially insides in our how is it smells like smoke order now by having this vapor store will be easier especially having a nonnicotine liquid that i've been using that's it thank you >> thank you . next speaker. >> >> hello, i'm patricia i'm actively a part of the team with blake and i do understand about the recreation from the neighborhood. >> i'm sorry ma'am, you're part of blake's team. >> in a way yeah, it's all of our ideas put together and so
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you're not part of the business team. >> basically, we have the ideas before we do this we research and been to a couple of stores that literally most of the stores as well as you walk in they stood there and the only selection we have with nicotine or no nicotine what i like about what blake presented is the customers will have the options if you want no nicotine or low or medium dose of nicotine i've been in sales for 12 years as a person working in sales i don't like it what somebody tells me would to choosing i want them to have an option to quit smoking to have control of the nicotine i want to consume hoping it will
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lead to not smoking i'm a big time smoker it is barely reduced i'm working on it but it helps a lot it helps to gain control of how much in case nicotine do you want it's kind of not fair to limited the option of the people they want to smoke and when they say not to it comes from a non-motorcycle opinion if you have that habit i understand it's a bad habit but it will be better if there are as store within the neighborhood near city college congest students are the main people for tobacco
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but this should help them to gain control yes, it's a bad thing but again for you to gain control for their own life nobody want to be told we're providing that option have our option whichever works for you and we'll be there to educate them i hope that helps thank you. >> thank you as the next speaker walks up i'll call more names. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is is matthew i've been a responsibility of san francisco my entire life i went to san francisco state university i hold a degree in business management with a focus on externalism i'm a manager with blue trucks and indicate
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eric garcetti i was a smoker i can't say that e cigarettes had my an effect on my choosing to not smoking but i've participated in using the e liquids it helps me to enjoy them around and as the previous speaker said it really causes no smell within the house they want to be able to use their products and they hang out in my house it's nice not to have them i've been traufl pounl up and down went to lincoln high school and my father lives in the excelsior we've seen all of those businesses go not many businesses come and some of the


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